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The adventure mine is looking for guides!

Being a guide at the Adventure Mine is no ordinary job. Guided tours of the mine are our main activities, and we offer everything from simple walking tours and adventures to advanced special tours that require cutting edge skills. We sometimes also arrange major events such as live performances, corporate events, lucia celebrations, etc.

More than 20 km of drift systems and stopes, underground lakes and deep shaft are our workplace. Helmet, headlight and harness are part of our work equipment when we are up to 85 meters below ground level. The work includes the opportunity for many exciting meetings with people from all over the world, happy colleagues and varied tasks. The whole business is under rapid development, so working with us should be prepared for a workplace during change.

We now need more timed guides who can work all year long, mostly weekends. This job works great to combine with ex-studies or other employment.

Vi behöver nu fler timanställda guider som kan jobba året runt, främst helger. Detta jobb fungerar utmärkt att kombinera med ex studier eller annan anställning.


Does the above description match you? If so, maybe this is what we are looking for. Send CV and personal letter to us. We train our guides internally, both theoretically and practically.

We also think you are:

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How do you apply?

It is easy! Send an email to: daniel@adventuremine(dot)se or phone: 070-348 58 87 (only in the evening after 17:00).

Duration: Hourly, Part time
Remuneration: Fixed salary