The adventure you can't miss,
80 meters underground!

The lady of the mine sauna ritual - with mining guide

The lady of the mine sauna ritual

Experience the world's most unique sauna through the transcendent lady of the mine sauna ritual, designed as a tribute to her essence that historically was an important part for the miners. Join us on a guided sauna experience where Sauna by Elin, with its mystery and knowledge, will make you lose track of time and space for a while. Since ancient times, the lady of the mine has observed life in the mine. The legend says that the lady of the mine watched over the mine and could warn of upcoming dangers or show where the large deposits were. Today’s deposits are no longer the ore in the rock, the wealth is now found in the mine’s adventure experiences where the lady of the mine sauna ritual is the latest of the deposits. An epic contrast to life above ground! Your senses will travel from heat to cool, from soft to hard and from darkness to light at the same time as the endorphins flow in your body. Feel the history flow through the tunnels of the mountain while wondering how you will ever be able to bathe in a normal sauna again!


SEK 2445/person Miner's Sauna Ritual - with mining guide


Own swimwear

Good to know


The Miner's Bath ritual begins above ground where the adventure mine guides begin by giving you a safety briefing and telling you what to expect during the tour. When you are properly equipped and ready, the tour continues underground. You will travel on foot through the mine's beautiful corridors, large shafts and rock rooms that will amaze you.

The tour is a suitable challenge and you gradually get used to the mining environment while the guide tells you exciting details before you arrive at the sauna. There you change into swimwear in the glow of old mining lamps.

Sauna by Elin takes you through the Miner's sauna ritual which will contain various elements that stimulate and strengthen your senses where you get to experience both hot and cold experiences in a safe environment where the focus is on your inner experience. Before the ritual is over, you have also filled your stomach with some goodies from locally produced farms and get ready for the continued adventure on new paths out of the mine. There will even be a few more surprises on the way up. Once above ground, you experience the world with completely new eyes.

How do I get there?

In southern Dalarna - where Tunaslätten meets the vast forests of Bergslagen - where Borlänge meets Ludvika - you will find the small town of Tuna Hästberg. With a population that is almost as high as the average age - you don't see many people. The first thing you meet is the old Gruvlavendi - where the ore elevators went up and emptied tons of ore. It suddenly feels like time has stood still since the iron ore mine closed in 1968.

You follow signs and turn into small, small streets that haven't been updated since the Volvo Amazon rolled in, and one mining-related street name replaces the other while meter by meter of height begins to feel in the body. When you feel the most lost, you see a fence, with various warning signs, and your body really starts to tingle. where am I going? Do I dare this? But then you are already up on the last ridge and are met by Áventyrsgruvan's knowledgeable guides. You exhale at the same time as the adventure has just begun!

A warm welcome to an unforgettable experience!