We have no upper age limit! It is your physical ability that sets the limits, but we have a package for almost all parties!

Visitors under the age of 15 only in the company of a guardian and under the guardian’s responsibility

Minimum weight is 36 kg and maximum weight is 120 kg on Adventure Tour and Deluxe Tour. At our events such as Valborg and Lucia and on hiking tours, there are no weight restrictions.

You can not be pregnant in week 16 or longer.

Stable shoes, preferably boots, undergarments, warm, soft trousers and a jacket and hat to wear if it gets cold. A pair of thin gloves can be nice to wear as you sometimes walk on metal ladders that are cold. (The adventure trip). A warm sweater is never wrong and it is ok to have a little backpack to put clothes / things in if it gets hot and you have to lighten the outfit a bit.

It is about 4 degrees in the mine all year round.

The hiking tour usually takes place on weekends 13.00-15.00

The adventure trip usually takes place on weekends 14.00-18.00

For a deluxe trip / conference, you can choose the day and time yourself.

The adventure mine is located in Tuna-Hästerg, between Borlänge and Ludvika.

The address is:
Krongruvvägen 50
78199 Idkerberget

You buy gift cards in the store, either for the hiking trip or the adventure trip. You can choose whether you want it sent to your e-mail, someone else’s e-mail, select the date when it will be sent or print it.

When you redeem it, you only use the code in the gift card when you book a trip. The sum of the gift card’s amount is then deducted at checkout.

This is an experience for everyone – we adapt the adventure to who you are. You do not have to be an extreme athlete or adventurer to have a fantastic experience down here underground. If you are looking for adventure for children in Dalarna County, you should definitely check this out. We have had visitors down here who have been from 6 years to 80+. Our climbing adventures are much easier and more accessible than you think. You do not need to have climbed before. The system we use, via ferrata, is suitable for both unaccustomed and experienced climbers.

We offer payment by card, Paypal and Swish.