The Stage

The Stage

The adventuremine’s stage is completely unique. It is located 80m below the surface and 350m into an iron ore mine, closed in 1968. The mountain hall where the stage is located has a ceiling height of approx. 20 meters and at the bottom of the hall is a large crystal clear lake. The stage, which took 3 years to build, was completed in 2020 and world artists such as Loreen have performed here. Examples of previous events on the stage are kickoff, theater, magician, fire show and rock band. There is capacity for 250 visitors here and only the imagination sets limits to what can be created. The stage must be experienced in place to understand how mighty it is.

3D stage with many different dimensions

The stage is built to be reversible with three different platforms/stage floors. The visitor platform at the bottom has room for 250 visitors with an area of 14x10m and has been used for both visitors and as a stage floor at e.g. Kung-Fu demonstrations. The middle floor has an area of 14×6.5m and is normally the primary stage floor. Under the entire floor there is a space with a ceiling height of 3m and this means that you can have trap doors or stairs where the artists can make an entrance in the middle of the stage. The upper stage has an area of 12x4m and is 2.0m above the mezzanine.

Lodge for artists

The mountain room is heated, has a size of approx. 6x8m and a ceiling height of 5m. Here there are 3 make-up places, tables for 16 people. Behind one wall is a small kitchenette with kettle and microwave. There is also the option of tea/coffee/coffee and food via catering.


The rock room is very large and extends hundreds of meters away in all directions via openings and passages. The rock is hard and angular with smooth surfaces in some areas. The acoustics are usually described as a mix between an open stage and a church. The reverberation lasts about 4 seconds.

Secret tunnels

Inside the rock are hidden tunnels that lead between the visitor platform, the basement under the stage floor, the middle stage floor, the upper stage floor, the hall above the entire stage and up to the loge. Here, artists can move unnoticed between the different locations. There are climbing routes, where with the help of a harness you can easily get high up in the rock room to all the different openings and paths that are above the stage. Even the roof can be reached with the help of fixed cables.


Light installation

Vi kan även leverera större ljussystem om så önskas.

Sound system

We can also supply larger sound systems if desired.


We have our own pyrotechnician who can help with everything from shooting stars to petrol bombs.

Network and WiFi

A fiber connection of 100/100 Mbit/s that can be upgraded to 1000/1000 Mbit/s. On all the stage floors and upstairs in the loge there are access points for password-protected WiFi networks.

Electrical system

The stage is fed with 100A, Each floor is equipped with 6 outlets with each 1 3-phase 16A and 4×1-phase 10A. Around the rock room there are about 15 extra sockets with 3-phase 16A and 1-phase 10A. All outlets are equipped with individual earth-fault circuit breakers. All power cables including speaker cables are shielded and laid in separate channels.


Depending on the type of event and the work effort/technology required, the cost varies. Target price is 20-50% of ticket revenue. A wedding with lighting and music costs SEK 10,000 + staff costs. Always contact us for a cost estimate.