EU supported us!

Project with support from Dalälvarna’s development area, Stage building and cultural events in the Adventure Mine.

In 2018, an application was made to DUO for support from the EU, Leader area Dalälvarna’s Development Area. The application was approved.

Our goal is to build a scene in the unique environment and condition that the Adventure Mine provides. We will be able to offer a venue for, among other things, concerts, modern leisure, new circus and traditional theater.

Technology-intensive and resource-intensive elements today will be drastically reduced. By utilizing fixed projections of light and sound solutions, these will easily be used without time-consuming preparations. The “scene” which today is a small slope of gravel is replaced by two stage floors. In an underlying space, a small lodge is built for artists to make / heat themselves in and a small storage room.

Our goal is to be able to cooperate with everything from free groups and local / regional amateur associations. The adventure mine’s focus will primarily be the smaller players, but preferably in cooperation with eg. Dalarna University to be able to coordinate free events with education. We want to develop the business and grow in collaboration with our partners.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

EU supported us!

Projects supported by Dalälvarna Development Area, Business Event in the Adventure Mine

Several long-term goals were set up during the opening of the Adventure Mine 2011. In 2016 an application was made to DUO for support from the EU, Leader area Dalälvarna Development Area. The application was approved.

The project contained three important physical needs for the business:

1. Event room with capacity for about 40 visitors
2. Toilet facilities
3. Lighting of main paths

The project was completed in the mine as planned in 2017 with very good results. Several guides were employed both during and after the project and several new collaborations with various local businesses were started. Through internships in the project, long-term unemployed also succeeded in getting work, which later led to employment. The investments made today are used in daily operations and have given the association a proper boost in terms of quality and development.