Adventure tour

About the Adventure Tour

An exciting adventure where you, together with our guides, go down via local systems and break rooms to the mine. The journey takes you down to the deepest dry parts of the mine, 80 meters underground.

The tour offers several exciting moments such as climbing the mine’s Via Ferrata system and cable car over a crystal clear lake. In the Great Hall you get to experience the grandeur of the mine with torches and music.

The whole experience is adapted to the group’s wishes and conditions. The range can vary depending on the season. During the visit we offer coffee. Rise takes place via the open pit. On our booking page there are open tours where you as a single or small group can book.


The adventure tour normally runs every Saturday at 14:00 (subject to change) and lasts about 4 hours. During the high season, more open tours are given. If you are a group of 8 people or more, you can also book a trip at any day and time. If there are too few registered, the tour can be canceled, but then we will contact you at least 24 hours before.


995 SEK per person (SEK 938 ex VAT)
Children under 15 years 595 SEK per person

Clothing advice

The temperature in the mine is 4 degrees all year round when you get below 20m depth.


If you want a completely private tour, always book Adventure Deluxe. Maximum number of 32 people.