Mine diving

Are you looking for diving mines in Sweden?

We offer Adventure Mine Diving with a guide in the parts that have open water. It is possible to dive for about an hour at a time in lighted areas that provide a fantastic experience of falling freely in the mine chambers.

Divers of levels, at least Padi Advanced Water Diver or similar are welcome! The dive equipment is transported down into the mine by the existing railway from the time the mine was still in operation. After transport it is about 300 m to the dive site. After the dive, we relax with coffee and snacks in the heating room while the bottles are being filled.

Best mine dive

Do you have training in overhead diving(cave or mive)? Experience Swedish mine diving when it is at its best! If you have full cave, intro to cave or mine diver training, you are welcome to dive into the adventure mine’s system. We have a dedicated diving site for technical diving with facilities such as heating room, place where you can change, diving platform and compressor / bottle bank with air, nitrox, trimix and argon.

There are more than 7 kilometers of line permanently installed in the mine and diving is available for all levels of experience, whether you are an experienced cave diver or have just started with it. You can see old buildings, ladders, doors, mining carts – everything is perfectly preserved in the oxygen-poor environment. It is possible to dive all year round and visibility is always over 30 meters!

If you are interested in diving in the mine and want more information then you can email: diving@aventyrsgruvan.se First read our rules for diving in Tuna Hästberg:


All year aroud


1-16 divers


From 500 SEK/dive day


Minimum Advance Open Water certificate or equivalent and 10 dives in the last year.