Curse Of Cain

About Curse Of Cain

Bring the metal back into the mountain! Walk the 384 stairs 80 Meters underground and enter the ravishing sphere of the old iron-ore mine, make your way along the cold walls of the mountain approaching a stage that stands ready – Saturday, November 11th, in the enigmatic Tuna Hästbergs Adventuremine!

The reality that’s always been a fact is now vanishing from your mind as a musical odyssey takes place with Curse of Cain as conductors!

Move to our beat and get the chance to experience this historic event that marks the maiden occasion of a metal band gracing the depths of a mine with their thunderous tunes! Curse of Cain’s unique blend of metal & theatrics, along with the haunting charm of the underworld, is destined to set a extraordinary unattainable mark in music history!

For Metal Aficionados! Adventure Enthusiasts! Music Lovers! For those with an insatiable craving for the unconventional! – This unprecedented flock of phantoms promises you a spine-chilling show that will resonate in the mine for generations to come! Embrace the darkness! Let the music take hold! Let all sh*t go & be part of an unparalleled journey into the heart of time & space!

Adventure Walk – 16.00
Discover a more adventurous way to the stage! On the way to the Adventure Mine stage, you will walk through the mine’s beautiful corridors, impressive shafts and enchanting rock rooms that will amaze you. It is a unique and exciting experience where you gradually get used to the mining environment while a knowledgeable guide shares fascinating details.

Down the stairs – 16.15
This is an easier way to 80 meters depth and the stage. The path to the scene is via an illuminated system that gives you the opportunity to admire the mine’s unique formations and fascinating details along the way.

The show lasts about 2.5 hours including the walk in the mine.
Please come in good time, about 30 minutes before.
Limited number of seats.
Purchased tickets ca not be refunded.


Saturday 11 nov 2023 kl: 16:00


Adult Consert with the stairs: 450 SEK
Adult Consert with Adventure walk: 650 SEK

Clothng advice

We guarantee a stable temperature and a rain-free event down in the mine. As it is a constant 4 degrees down in the mine, we recommend warm clothes, a hat and a pair of comfortable gloves. Remember that it is better to be a little too hot than too cold.



250 seats

Information and requirements