About bachelor/bachelorette

Are you going to arrange a different bachelorette party or bachelorette party? Take the bride or groom down to the Adventure Mine.

We tailor packages just for you! We can mix with elements from the Adventure Tour and come up with special activities such as cable car skiing or boating. Together with our guides, you go via local systems and mining rooms down to the deepest parts of the mine, 80 meters underground. The tour offers exciting moments, such as climbing the mine’s Via Ferrata system and rope firing. In the Great Hall you get to experience the grandeur of the mine with torches and games. The whole experience is adapted to the group’s wishes and conditions.

We can arrange fine food on white tablecloths with candelabra deep down in the mine. If desired, overnight accommodation can take place after finishing in the sauna in Tuna Hästbergs Bystuga.


The length of the tour is entirely up to you. Contact us for a discussion!


From 1195 SEK per person

Price example

Adventure trip about 4 hours with coffee, cake and dinner. End with heated sauna in Tuna Hästbergs Bystuga. Price example: Adventure trip deluxe with food + climbing on rope + zipline + visit to the ice cave.

Price including overnight stay: SEK 1,310 per person.

Clothing advice

The temperature in the mine is 4 degrees all year round when you get below 20m depth.

Contact us and we will come up with something that suits you, regardless of size!